Smart watches

Sep 25, 2013

I've had the Pebble Watch for about 6 months now and almost every day while at work, someone inquiries about it.

"Is that a smart watch?"

It is very evident that smart watches are next big nut to crack. I read online that, "Oh, no one wears watches anymore. They check their phone instead." The problem with that, is there are tons of niche cases where pulling out your phone to glance at notifications is very frowned upon or even not allowed. The ease of use to quickly see who's calling you, reading text messages, or even emails is empowering and I think the future. The watch is a great notification platform. Pulling out your phone to check emails can be disruptive and a hassle within niche scenarios. (At a restaurant, getting a haircut, working retail... to name a few)

Smart watches are just getting started.