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Dr Lighthead
Full Name : Dr Ivius Lighthead
Race : Lighgretronian
Occupation : Lighgretronian Lord, Near Master of Light
Place Of Birth : Lighgretron
Usual Base of Operations : RSupremor
Height : 5'5" (with hat)
Weight : 113 LBS
Eyes : Yellow
Powers/Special Abilities : Light bulb - Acts like its own brain
Weapon Of Choice : The Dark Light Bomb (A black hole)
Debut : HEBM #1
Lighthead was originally an Earth cat that made his way onboard the Supremor to follow his master. He takes on a more humanoid form after the Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun which somehow transforms him. This isn't revealed until later on as his hat and clothes disguise him. His light bulb serves as a way to hide his constant light glow of his eyes. After it is shown what he really is, he takes lead, commandeering the Supremor and then later on the RSupremor.

Ubunan De Gruke
Full Name : Ubunan Del Gruke
Race : Lighgretronian
Occupation : Former human scientist
Place Of Birth : Earth
Usual Base of Operations : Unknown
Height : Unknown
Weight : Unknown
Eyes : Unknown
Powers/Special Abilities : Unknown
Weapon Of Choice : N/A
Debut : Pre HEBM
Ubunan is mostly referred as Lighthead's father, one of the scientists chosen to be part of the Supremor operation in 2284. He is rather the "owner" of Lighthead which was originally his pet cat. After arriving on the sun, he renamed it Lighgretron and imposed a naming system where the first name end in 'ius' and the last name somehow resemble their traits.

Real Name : Vorius Gore
Race : Lighgretronian
Occupation : Weapon Specialist and Commander-in-Chief
Place of Birth : Lighgretron
Usual Base of Operations : RSupremor
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 156 LBS
Eyes : Brown
Powers/Special Abilities : Very quick agilityness. Jump long distances
Weapon Of Choice : Magical Axe
Debut : HEBM #1
Gore comes from a family with a strong military tradition. Gore's father, Vilor, was a general in the Lighgretronian army during the war of the invasion the Star X Conquerors. Gore entered the Lighgretronian Battle Academy at just nearly half the age of normal recruits and excelled in the academy at an alarming rate. Once graduated, he was promoted to the rank of colonel, and issued command of the Supremor, and assigned to Dr Lighthead for the invasion of Mobius which is now his assistant. Gore possesses all the instincts and skills of and old veteran, along with a mystical skill in handling axes.

Real Name : Robotar
Race : Solarized Robot
Occupation : Main Defense
Place of Birth : Creation Of DrL
Usual Base of Operations : RSupremor
Height : 16'6"
Weight : 12 tons
Eyes : N/A
Powers/Special Abilities : N/A
Weapons : Long sharp retractable blade, Rapid Destruction Cannon (RDC)
Debut : HEBM #2
Created by Lighthead as a main security guard for the Supremor. Robotar has received many upgrades in his time.

Real Name : Taxidius Orlo
Race : Lighgretronian
Occupation : Creator of specialized potions/Inventor
Place of Birth : Lighgretron
Usual Base of Operations : RSupremor
Height : 4'10"
Weight : 108 LBS
Eyes : Green
Powers/Special Abilities : Creating mixed potions
Weapons : N/A
Debut : HEBM #3
Orlo was always the labrat onboard the RSuspremor. He likes to be around Lighthead if he's not alone mixing up something and is afraid of Gore. His first concoction and onlly concoction was really sticky substance, disallowing any movement. Derived and improved version of the 'mega muck'

Real Name : Vinius Exscer
Race : Lighgretronian
Occupation : Gore's Trainee
Place of Birth : Lighgretron
Usual Base of Operations : RSupremor
Height : 5'11"
Weight : 214 LBS
Eyes : Unknown
Powers/Special Abilities : Unknown
Weapons : SM Clavicor
Debut : HEBM Final
Exscer is Gore's very first trainee. He was brought in from the special forces from the Lighgretron Army during the three year block of time Lighthead was no longer in control and has always liked Gore's tastes.

Real Name : Standard Mini Defense Craft
Race : Craft
Occupation : Defense
Place of Birth : Factory line
Usual Base of Operations : Supremor/RSupremor
Width : 6 ft
Weight : 1023 Lbs
Powers/Special Abilities : N/A
Weapons : Standard laser cannon
Debut : HEBM #1
Developed to defend the Supremor/RSupremor from attack. Controlled and manuevered by C.H.A.O.S

Real Name : Advanced Mini Defense Craft
Race : Advanced Craft
Occupation : Defense/Offense
Place of Birth : Factory line
Usual Base of Operations : Supremor/RSupremor
Width : 9 ft
Weight : 1608 Lbs
Powers/Special Abilities : N/A
Weapons : Triple Powered Photon Cannon
Debut : HEBM #2
An advanced version of the SMDC except with better agility and tagetting system. Controlled and manuevered by C.H.A.O.S

Real Name : XMDC
Race : Savant Craft
Occupation : Defense/Offense
Place of Birth : Adv. Factory line
Usual Base of Operations : RSupremor
Width : 38 ft
Weight : 4206 tons
Powers/Special Abilities : Cloak Mode, High Shields, Extreme Agility
Weapons : Gattling Laser Cannon, Homing Energy Blasts, Self Destruct Mode in last resort
Debut : HEBM #4
Lighthead's secondary ship to get where he wants when the RSupremor is too much.

Real Name : Supremor
Place of Birth : Earth
Size : 5½ miles (diameter)
Weight : Undetermined
Weapons : 3 miniports to regulate the thunderlaser, 2 disruptor fields (repel hazardous objects like asteroids)
Debut : HEBM #1
The Supremor was created on earth in 2284 to serve as means as transportation for those specially chosen for the task of colonizing a new world. Later on when it's discovered that a there is a race going from planet to planet, additions are made of a "thunderlaser" to serve as a primary weapon against attack. So far it has served its purpose and more.

Real Name : RSupremor
Place of Birth : Lighgretron
Size : Estimated at 13920 miles (diameter)
Weight : Undetermined
Powers/Special Abilities : Original core of the sun
Weapons : Blackhole generator, Chaos Bombs, 4 disruptor fields, 25 miniports that act like the original Supremor's thunderlaser and the Bedlam Cannon (main laser port)
Debut : HEBM #3
A MUCH bigger version of the Supremor. The 'R' actually stands for 'Real' After an invasion of the Star X Conquerors, the Lighgretronians have believed that if they were to come again, the Supremor wouldn't be enough and now that the Supremor was wiped out during the first mission to Mobius, there is little choice but to use it. The RSupremor is also equipped with C.H.A.O.S (Cyber Holistic Adancement Onboard Supremor) created by a lost scientist that was said to have run away. C.H.A.O.S is a super sentient computer with imaginable abilities to detect and figure out things any normal organism can't.

Real Name : Megaplex
Place of Birth : Unknown
Size : Estimated at 3200 miles
Weight : Unknown
Powers/Special Abilities : Time Warp
Debut : HEBM #7
The Megaplex serves as the Rwervium's primary motive of travel. It is also their home as they never had a home world.

Real Name : Lighgrecizer
Place of Birth : Lighgretron
Size : 32ft in height
Weight : Unknown
Powers/Special Abilities : Device used to tranform flesh and blood into pure energy wavelength.
Debut : HEBM #2
Innovated by Lighthead as he was interested in tranforming beings on Mobius to become slaves on the Supremor. It had certain properties tho. If they were to be lighgrecized without the use of the original lighgrecizer they could only be lighgrecized if they were drenched in water or long periods of time. While Sonic and Knuckles and Tails were eager to regain the Master Emerald, they had to be lighgrecized to withstand the heat and gravitational pull of the sun however they were only lighgrecized for those purposes and weren't converted souly into 'light beings' as such LighgreSonic can become.

Real Name : Otrebor Uregu
Race : Flying Monkey
Occupation : Bounty Hunter from Master Mold
Place of Birth : Dexilion
Usual Base of Operations : TBA
Height : 5"1'
Weight : 104 LBS
Eyes : Yellow
Powers/Special Abilities : Can fly
Weapons : N/A
Debut : HEBM #4
Otrebor is a greedy monkey urged to steal anything. He will do anything and I mean anything to steal them too even if it involves lying or even murder. He was born on planet Dexilion which is a revolving planet of ice in the Kuiper Belt. His form is used to the cold which is the exact opposite of Lighthead, whose homeland is the sun.

Star X Leader
Real Name : Solreleus
Race : Rwervium
Occupation : Leader of the Rwerviums
Place of Birth : Unknown
Usual Base of Operations : The Megaplex
Height : Varies
Weight : Varies
Eyes : Light Gray
Powers/Special Abilities : Ability to manipulate "interior" dimensions as described by Orlo, 5th dimensional being
Weapons : N/A
Debut : HEBM #7
The Rwerviums are a race that goes from sun to sun draining energy to power their main mothership, the megaplex to go back to their normal time which is 70 million years into the future. They've been doing this for centuries and have now taken two trips to the sun.

Real Name : Cyber Holistic Advancement Onboard Supremor
Race : Unknown superior hardware
Occupation : N/A
Place of Birth : Unknown
Usual Base of Operations : RSupremor
Height : 14'2"
Weight : Unknown
Eyes : Red
Powers/Special Abilities : Very high sentience.
Weapons : Unknown
Debut : (in his body form) HEBM #9 (In computer form) HEBM #5
C.H.A.O.S was created by a lost scientist known as Ubunan De Gruke designed to seek out any intruders. As it turned out, this scientist was Lighthead's father. Another nanocomputer designed by him is Nicole. They originally made up a larger, combined form but when the Star X Conquerors first attacked, they were separated. Nicole was made into a more condensed, portable version while C.H.A.O.S was bloated, taking up a lot of space. Due to jealousy, Nicole was sent into a pod and sent off into space where she then later crashed on Mobius.

Master Chaos
Real Name : Master C.H.A.O.S
Race : Unknown superior hardware
Occupation : N/A
Place of Birth : N/A
Usual Base of Operations : N/A
Height : 11'3"
Weight : Unknown
Eyes : Unknown
Powers/Special Abilities : Very high sentience, 6th dimensional being
Weapons : Unknown
Debut : HEBM #10
After C.H.A.O.S bonds with RoboNET, a new super threat emerges! Master Chaos! He is twice as smart than before and can see the 4th - 6th dimensions.


Dr Lighthead, Gore, Robotar, Orlo, Exscer, SMDC, AMDC, Xavant, Supremor, Rsupremor, Otrebor, Star X Leader, and Master Chaos are © 2001-2005 Jeff Ratté.

Any appearance of what may look like a take off of anything is a coincidence.