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Android 4.0 Party

January 12, 2012


July 14, 2011

Qwerty Phone

January 26, 2011

Chaos Emeralds

March 26, 2010


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Miscellaneous Art

Created:Aug 6, 2001
Dimensions:602 x 814
Filesize:500 KB

This was a picture taken of a fire in New Brunswick Canada.

Created:Dec 10, 2003
Dimensions:300 x 611
Filesize:237 KB

The lamp I made for my final project in 3D art class. I lurve it. It does turn on. :D

Created:Jan 17, 2002
Dimensions:250 x 330
Filesize:74 KB

A random project for computer graphics class.

Created:Feb 13, 2003
Dimensions:400 x 264
Filesize:78 KB

The surrealism project for computer grapics. Modified from the other pic :P

Created:May 16, 2003
Dimensions:400 x 400
Filesize:127 KB

Final project done for Computer Graphics 2 class in High School. It wasn't this red before o.O

Created:Feb 2, 2005
Dimensions:400 x 550
Filesize:58 KB

Drawn by Cj, requested by me. I like how it came out. It resembles the image I have of him in the profiles section.

Created:Feb 26, 2005
Dimensions:500 x 638
Filesize:79 KB

This is a pic request I did for Cj's 404 page he's building for

Created:Apr 29, 2005
Dimensions:299 x 296
Filesize:40 KB

This is a mixture of Bryce and Photoshop, messing about being bored.

Created:Aug 7, 2005
Dimensions:400 x 518
Filesize:79 KB

This is from my nephew, Joey, who's 9 - Made in March of this year. He based it off Sonic Advance 3 and it's Sonic holding Tails in a spindash.

Created:Jan 2, 2006
Dimensions:508 x 810
Filesize:129 KB

I was bored..

Created:Apr 13, 2006
Dimensions:343 x 489
Filesize:30 KB

A chibi Lighthead

Created:Sep 16, 2005
Dimensions:500 x 314
Filesize:86 KB

Believe it or not, this rocket was launched the day I started this site. Feb 12 2000.

Created:Jun 14, 2007
Dimensions:420 x 764
Filesize:36 KB

Fanart of Lighthead drawn by Rabid Rodent =D

Created:Jun 14, 2007
Dimensions:521 x 880
Filesize:61 KB

Fanart of Lighthead by Deck =D

Created:Jan 12, 2012
Dimensions:2338 x 1700
Filesize:1,975 KB

The Androids celebrate the release of Android 4.0 ICS. A contest entry for winning a Galaxy Nexus.