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January 12, 2012


July 14, 2011

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January 26, 2011

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March 26, 2010


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My Favorites (In no particular order)

Created:Mar 26, 2010
Dimensions:1024 x 768
Filesize:840 KB

I like how these came out :D

Created:Feb 13, 2010
Dimensions:1024 x 768
Filesize:278 KB


Created:May 15, 2008
Dimensions:544 x 409
Filesize:224 KB

Was bored and felt like experimenting in Bryce once again.

Created:Aug 14, 2007
Dimensions:301 x 570
Filesize:77 KB

A much more modern, uptodate version of Gore

Created:Feb 27, 2007
Dimensions:300 x 391
Filesize:28 KB

A more correct, current model.

Created:Jan 2, 2006
Dimensions:508 x 810
Filesize:129 KB

I was bored..

Created:Apr 13, 2006
Dimensions:343 x 489
Filesize:30 KB

A chibi Lighthead

Created:Jun 16, 2003
Dimensions:300 x 403
Filesize:125 KB

Master Chaos a little on the mad side :P

Created:Feb 12, 2005
Dimensions:490 x 474
Filesize:45 KB

A more modern appearance of the RSupremor.

Created:Jan 13, 2005
Dimensions:300 x 535
Filesize:74 KB

It occurred to me that over 6 years with having invented the character, I never officially indicated his head. I assumed some human form, until very recently I 'obtained' a fat fox form. So this spawned from it. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Created:Dec 10, 2003
Dimensions:300 x 611
Filesize:237 KB

The lamp I made for my final project in 3D art class. I lurve it. It does turn on. :D

Created:Dec 31, 2002
Dimensions:500 x 302
Filesize:128 KB

Had to have them all togther in a pic.

Created:Jan 1, 2002
Dimensions:320 x 414
Filesize:124 KB

Originally drawn at my cousin's house. I love how it came out.

Created:Dec 14, 2001
Dimensions:400 x 524
Filesize:154 KB

Mecha Sonic chasing Sonic... When I first made this I thought it was really awesome. I probably could color it better but eh. Oh well. Back then I didn't really know how to color too well.

Created:Sep 2, 2002
Dimensions:330 x 380
Filesize:111 KB

Felt I needed to pair these 2 together in a pic...

Created:Jun 17, 2004
Dimensions:500 x 500
Filesize:92 KB

Beliun, as scene before arrival (I actually did make this... by following a tutorial in planet making)

Created:Jul 6, 2002
Dimensions:500 x 594
Filesize:210 KB

Sonic, Knuckles and Tails make their way out of harms way after experiencing one of the many things on the RSupremor.

Created:May 24, 2002
Dimensions:500 x 621
Filesize:323 KB

First battle with Lighgresonic.

Created:Apr 1, 2002
Dimensions:399 x 266
Filesize:68 KB

HOAX!! HOAX DAMMIT! This kinda spread across the net that there would be a SA3. Well, it still hasn't happened. I'll be scared if Sega uses this concept and then I get mass emails saying that I said it was a hoax and then it wasn't but it... yea...

Created:Nov 11, 2002
Dimensions:315 x 210
Filesize:82 KB

SMDC crafts swarming after Sonic.

Created:Feb 12, 2003
Dimensions:450 x 338
Filesize:75 KB

The RSupremor using the thunderlaser to destroy venus. heheh..

Created:Oct 24, 2003
Dimensions:319 x 323
Filesize:60 KB

The best of the 3. Even if its not really Metal :P

Created:Jun 23, 2004
Dimensions:540 x 405
Filesize:210 KB

Another angle.

Created:Mar 29, 2003
Dimensions:345 x 333
Filesize:75 KB

The eraos emerald in all its glory...

Created:Jun 23, 2004
Dimensions:540 x 405
Filesize:225 KB

This was my first all out scene. Getting the lasers to look like that took lots of time.

Created:Dec 16, 2004
Dimensions:640 x 480
Filesize:221 KB

Sonic and Tails on the Tornado. I'm real happy how this came out.

Created:Oct 3, 2004
Dimensions:640 x 480
Filesize:94 KB

Just playing around a bit here.