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January 12, 2012


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Around the year 2284, it is decided that ship be made to send out a decent sample of the world to begin colonizing another world because the Earth is in peril with global climate change going haywire. However, it doesn't take long for something to go wrong. A CME from the sun collides with their ship, the Supremor, rendering it nearly useless. It then spirals into the sun... but in amidst this... it turns out the crew are not affected by either the sun's heat or gravity and are able to still live. By the time they are able to get the Supremor operational again, most have decided they don't want to go back and stay. Those who do attempt but ultimately fail, not suited for Earth's climate as they're now ajusted to the sun... which they decide to rename as Lighgretron.

Lighgretron was going to be a prelude into How Earth Became Mobius


Profiles - 02.24.04

Profiles of each character created to be in the Lighgretron realm.


Where I got some of my ideas. Also includes info regarding HEBM (How Earth Became Mobius)


Lighgretron - 02.12.10

The story of Lighthead, the Supremor and Lighgretron (ongoing)


Legal Mumbo Jumbo

All Sonic related content are ™ to Sega. Everything else like Dr Lighthead is © to I, Jeff Ratté and those noted in the Profiles.