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When I was still in boy scouts, a friend of mine was in town who had moved away and we thought there was a meeting a night in December 1998 but there wasn't. We were dropped off and had an hour and a half to kill. We recalled of some of the Sonic fanfiction we had read he brought up that I should try writing it. At first I didn't like the idea but I was pressured on. I began writing HEBM late 1998/ early 1999.


How Earth Became Mobius

How Earth Became Mobius is the root story of where it all began and the basis of Lighgretron. HEBM or How Earth Became Mobius is a fanfiction that takes place just after the defeat of Robotnik in the Archieverse and features new characters and a much broader scope of what's going on. There are 11 chapters to it. There were originally going to be 22 chapters with the latter 11 reflecting how Mobius became Earth but it never worked out. It was going to "loop" back around but I lost interest in writing it half way through HMBE: Part 1 - Tides of Conflict which was basically supposed to be about the freedom fighters fitting into the new setting yet there's wars between the Lighgretronians and the Mobians.

Instead, I started a new project. Lighgretron .. detailing how they became to be.. before the events of HEBM (but leading into it) The future of this is still uncertain but has a much greater possibility of being completed than HMBE.

I've decided to take down the HEBM story because I feel that it's poorly written. Lighgretron was planned to lead into HEBM and I still like the idea of it but with so many continuity errors and confusion and just the urge to have mostly original stuff has lead me not have Lighgretron be the prelude into HEBM. You can still find HEBM if you google, if you're interested.


Dr Lighthead

Believe it or not, much of the inspiration for characters was with legos. Much of the stuff in HEBM I had created in legos but not all such as the Supremor. As for Lighthead, his name is obvious - I just took one of those light peices and slapped it on this guy (to the left) which actually led to the concept of Dr Lighthead. To the left is the original. However, in time he got modified. When I started to draw a fancomic in 1997, I gave him a hat which supported his light bulb. This can be seen in the profiles section.

Also see - Evolution of Lighthead



Gore, Lighthead's assistant is actually unknown to me how he came to be but like Lighthead, he also originated from legos and evolved. Even his axe originated from legos and contains the same shape.



Lighgretron, their home planet which is the sun is also neat to explain how I got the idea. It was from Gravity Well. I'll need to explain the game a little fo you to understand this in anyway. Its game of planetary conquest. You are this one blue fighter and you have to land on other planets to colonize them to get more powerful, however, 3 other races are also doing the same thing resulting in interstellar wars (red, purple, yellow) amongst the 4. There are roughly 6 solar systems in the sector, each solar system consisting of about 4 planets. On to the point. Anyways, I once had a dream of a race, the grays, could land on the sun and colonize it. If you try to land on any sun in the game, blammo you go. These 'grays' had this capability and no one else could. Their bases with in sun were huge as well and well defensed. This led to the idea of Lighgretron.


C.H.A.O.S. is from an outdated game I used to play called The CHAOS Continuum. Its a game about scientists who have mistakenly created a sentient computer that is threatening mankind if they attempt to destroy it and you have try to track it down by downloading information and stuff. Much of its quotes are also in the fic. In the game, CHAOS stands for Cybergenetic Holistic Autonomous Orbiting Sever.