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Profiles (Old Profile Page)

Dr Lighthead
Full Name:Ivius Lighthead
Occupation:Lighgretronian Leader
Place Of Birth:Earth
Base Of Operations:Supremor/RSupremor
Special Abilities:Able to interact with light

Lighthead was originally an Earth cat that made his way onboard the Supremor to follow his master. He takes on a more humanoid form after the Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun which somehow transforms him. This isn't revealed until later on as his hat and clothes disguise him. His light bulb serves as a way to hide his constant light glow of his eyes. After it is shown what he really is, he takes lead, commandeering the Supremor and then later on the RSupremor.

Ubunan De Gruke
Full Name:Ubunan De Gruke
Occupation:Engineering and Programming Specialist for Supremor
Place Of Birth:Earth
Base Of Operations:Supremor
Special Abilities:Programming

Ubunan is mostly referred as Lighthead's father, one of the scientists chosen to be part of the Supremor operation in 2284. He is rather the "owner" of Lighthead which was originally his pet cat. After arriving on the sun, he renamed it Lighgretron and imposed a naming system where the first name end in 'ius' and the last name somehow resemble their traits.

Full Name:Supremor
Occupation:Vessel for traveling colonists
Place Of Birth:Earth
Base Of Operations:N/A
Special Abilities:The thunderlaser added later for defense against the Rwerviums, 2 disruptor fields to repel hazardous objects like asteroids

The Supremor was created on Earth in 2284 to serve as means as transportation for those specially chosen for the task of colonizing a new world. Later on when it's discovered that a there is a race going from planet to planet, additions are made of a "thunderlaser" to serve as a primary weapon against attack. So far it has served its purpose and more.